Top 10 Guns In Free Fire

Top Guns In Garena Free Fire

Free Fire is most trending battle royal game like PUBG. Players need to fight against 50 enemies to win the match. In this Free Fire game Gun and Gun skin is important to get Booyah!. Choosing best gun in right combination is help to win the match.

10 best guns in free fire

In this post I'll share best guns list which is top guns in Free Fire. In this top 10 guns category all guns are included like Air, SMS, Shotgun and snipers gun. I will choosen best guns for High Damage, Reload Speed, Rate of Fire. You can choose them also with right combination also.

10 Best Guns In Free Fire

M1887 - Shotgun

M1887 is one of the best Shotgun in Free Fire. M1887 Gun with Gun skin is dangerous for enemies. It has massive Damage power with good Fire rate. Enemies will take down for its two body shots.

M1887 Gun skin has also come with best abilities. M1887 Gun skin has single Damage with Single Rate of Fire. It is most dangerous gun in Shot range enemies. If you are a short range player you can use double M1887 gun for better performance.

M1887 Stats

Damage : 100
Range : 21
Rate Of Fire : 42
Reload Speed : 55
Movement speed : 62

Mp40 - Mid Range Gun

MP40 is basically mid range sub-machine gun in Free Fire. It could be filled with SMG ammo. MP40 is a best and beast gun in Free Fire. It help player in Rank and Clash Squad match. Mp40 is famous for its Damage and Rate of fire and also accuracy. Mp40 could be best combination with Groza, Ak47, Scar, Parafal.

MP40 has 83 High Rate of Fire with 48 Damage. It is best defence gun for Mid range enemies. Mp40 Cobra skin is more damagable and more accuracy gun skin. It has some more skins like Bunny Mp40, New Year Mp40 which is most usable in Free Fire.

Mp40 Stats

Damage : 48
Rate of Fire : 83
Reload Speed : 48
Range : 22

AK 47 - Long Range

Ak 47
Ak 47 is a better gun for long range enemies. Ak 47 is known for its Damage ability. It has 61 Damage with 72 Range. It take down any enemies with some shots. But Ak 47 is Recoil thats why most player not playing with Ak 47. Ak 47 best Gun skin is Dragon Ak and Drako Ak which is more Damage and more powerful.

Ak 47 Stats

Damage : 61
Range : 72
Rate of Fire : 56
Reload Speed : 41

Groza - Long Range

Groza is one of the best long gun in Free Fire. It is alrounder gun with more Damage with Long Range. It is available in Airdrop, Bounty and Boxes. You can add Foregrip, muzzle, magazine, silencer, scope in it to make more dangerous. Groza and M1887 or MP40 is could be best combination in Free Fire.


Damage : 61
Range : 77
Rate of Fire : 58
Movement speed : 58
Accuracy : 52
Reload speed : 48

AWM - Sniper Gun

AWM is most damagable sniper gun In Free Fire. Not compared another sniper gun with AWM. AWM has 5 sniper ammo slot. If a player fire in enemies head no doubt enemies will killed directly. But AWM has vary less Fire rate and reload speed. AWM sniper is available only in Bounty, Airdrop in match.

AWM Stats

Damage : 90
Range : 91
Rate Of Fire : 27
Reload Speed : 34

M1014 - Shotgun

M1014 is also a beast gun in Free Fire. It has amazing damage ability with fire rate. M1014 take down enemies in some body shots and in one Headshot. This gun has 94 Damage rate with 39 Rate of Fire skills. Also M1014 Movement speed is amazing, its movement apeed is 60. Its a best gun in short range in Free Fire.

M1014 Stats

Damage : 94
Rate of Fire : 39
Movement speed : 60
Range : 10

Scar - Long Range

Scar is also a powerful gun same like Ak 47. It has fabulous Damage rate with amazing Movement speed. Scar famous skin Cupid scar is very popular in game. Scar has 53 Damage rate with 61 Fire Rate. It has also good range to take down long range enemies. Players can use Silencer, muzzle, Foregrip, scope, magazine equipment in it.

Scar Stats

Damage : 53
Rate of Fire : 61
Movement speed : 62
Range : 60
Reload speed : 41

M82B - Sniper Gun

M82B sniper gun is different from other Sniper gun in Free Fire. It helps to break Gloo and take Damage inside the Gloo wall. M82B is most usable gun in Free Fire Rank match. M82B Range and Damage is amazing, it has 90 Damage rate with 85 Range. Also it has amazing accuracy score and movement speed is also good in it. If any player take this gun no one enemy can hide inside the Gloo.

M82B Stats

Damage : 90
Range : 85
Rate of Fire : 27
Reload Speed - 41
Movement speed - 55
Accuracy - 90

PARAFAL - Long Gun

I put Parafal in list for its Damage and Range. I have personally use in Free Fire, its Damage rate is good in Long range enemies. It is used with some special equipment - Silencer, Scope, Foregrip, muzzle. It has 69 Damage rate with 58 Range. Its Fire Rate, Movement speed, accuracy is also good. You can use Mp40, M1887 with it.


Damage : 69
Range : 58
Movement Speed : 63
Rate of Fire : 48
Range : 41

MP5 - Mid Range

Recently Mp5 is specially used in Clash squad and Custom. Its Rate of Fire and Reload speed is awesome. its Damage rate is not enough but you can use it as a secondary Gun. It has 76 Fire Rate and 77 Reload Speed. Its come with 66 Movement speed and 54 Accuracy. Use all equipment to increase Damage rate. It can be good combination with Ak47, Parafal, Scar.

MP5 Stats

Damage : 48
Range : 41
Rate of Fire : 76
Reload Speed : 77
Accuracy : 54

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